3-Day Hippo Schools - Now with three options!

Hippo School Basic V3 to V4 Conversion - 1 Day
Hippo School Advanced - 2 Days
Hippo School Full - 3 Days (Basic + Advanced)


Available Curriculum Includes:

  • Instruction on the new features of the Hippotizer V4 + latest software
  • Conversion or integration of V3 to V4 systems
  • Multiple advanced practical projects
  • More question & answer sessions
  • Properly interfacing with other equipment
  • Troubleshooting server issues

Created for programmers and professional designers with Video, Lighting and Production backgrounds, Hippo School provides participants with everything required to set up and program a show. From timeline programming and screen warping to Automation integration and VideoMapper LED and projection layout. To ensure focused hands-on training is achieved, class sizes are limited to two participants per machine for a total of 16 participants. Register early to get a seat!


  • Hippotizer V4 product line and features
  • Conversion from V3 to V4
  • System setup and configuration
  • Navigating the interface
  • Managing media
  • ScreenWarping and projection masking
  • Basic Hippotizer functions
  • Timeline programming
  • Advanced Timeline programming with Group Controller
  • DMX control of Hippotizers
  • Scenic automation integration
  • MIDI/SMPTE/OSC controls
  • SHAPE 3D mapping software
  • Serial control
  • PinBridge programming
  • Media Frame-Synchronization
  • PixelMapping with ArtNet and KiNet
  • VideoMapping with LED tiles
  • Common technical support procedures


Day 1: Hippo School Basic - Hippotizer V4 Overview and V3 to V4 conversion

An overview of the Hippotizer product line. Integration or conversion of V3 to V4 systems. V4 features, system setup, basic controls, managing media, screen warping, edge-blending, live projection masking and basic timeline programming. Class will cover ZooKeeper interface, output manager, media manager, visualizer, and SHAPE. Examples and time for questions is also included. Hippo School Basic is ideal for those new to the world of media servers or not familiar with Hippotizer V4.

Day 2: Hippo School Advanced I - Hippotizer Input/Output and Troubleshooting

Advanced input and output features of the Hippotizer V4 system featuring advanced timeline programming, DMX connectivity, Automation integration, custom control protocols, Timecode, MIDI, OSC, RS232, PinBridge and synchronization. Also learn troubleshooting and repair methods for the Hippotizer V4 systems. Projects are integrated into the training and time for questions is also included.

Day 3: Hippo School Advanced II - Hippotizer Projects & Mapping Technology

Multiple advanced practical projects are assigned for participants to use their new skills. Instruction will also include PixelMapper with ArtNet and KiNet integration, VideoMapper LED and projection layout. Participants will walk step-by-step through setting up and implementing the new UberPan multi-server screen management system. Hippo School Advanced (Days 2-3) is recommended for professionals with a working knowledge of Hippotizer media servers who wish to hone their skills and enhance their creative productivity. Professionals who may be new to Hippotizer V4 should consider Hippo School Full (Days 1-3) to include Hippo School Basic.



Hippo School Basic (Day 1): $150
Hippo School Advanced (Days 2-3): $300
Hippo School Full (Days 1-3): $400

All classes are taught by qualified TMB personnel and typically run 8 hours from 10am-6pm. Lunches and refreshments are provided. Payments are accepted via PayPal or check and are non-refundable.

Contact: hipposchool@tmb.com or 818 899 8818


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